Product individualization


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The individual design of otherwise anonymous mass products holds enormous potential, for you and your customers. We focus on product individualization and support you in doing so.

Erdt Concepts, as a high-quality service provider for e-commerce and fulfillment with a view to the future, is now expanding its range of products with laser technology and thus setting new standards in process-integrated product individualization. Inspire your customers with individualized products of unprecedented quality and make their purchase with you an experience!

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With today’s increasingly complex marketing processes, specialisation of the company is becoming increasingly important. Product individualization is nevertheless currently implemented by only a few. This offers you the possibility to significantly upgrade standard products before shipping and this at low investment costs.

They are thus able to offer a product with a perceptible added value and sense of purpose, which not least favors stronger customer loyalty, since a completely new, enhanced buying experience is offered. Your products and their packaging can be enhanced with a special haptic impression. In order to enable the products to achieve this special effect, we have specialised in new laser technologies.

Your customer will find confirmation of the emotions aroused in your online shop and will be happy to come back.

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The design is carried out with our high-power laser, which enables the finishing of consumer goods such as ballpoint pens, mobile phone covers and the like as well as all kinds of package packaging with lettering and/or graphics.

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From razor-sharp images and a variety of fonts to cutting prototypes, everything is no problem for our new CO2 laser. We engrave a wide variety of products for you from materials such as leather, wood, plastic, glass or metal.

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