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Already in the planning stage, a central criterion for your decision should be the systematic market orientation of your web shop. Who are my customers? How can I reach them? What does my offering have to look like to be accepted? Beginning from the concept phase and using the appropriate search machine design, up to and including marketing, Erdt Concepts offers exactly the fulfillment solutions and services that contribute to what your Online-Shop does and what it should do: sell.

We have the entire range of print and online marketing tools at our disposal to put together a suite perfectly harmonized to your specific requirements. The big advantage for you: right from the start, your marketing strategy can take into account the technical development of your web shop and subsequently systematically augment it by additional actions down the road as needed:

[cm_icon_box title=“Shop-Features“ text=“Search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate enhancements, export functions, shop certification by Trusted Shops“ icon_type=“themify“ icon_color=“#ddff3c“ icon_themify=“ti-shopping-cart“]
[cm_icon_box title=“Customer loyalty“ text=“Gift coupon systems, friendship advertising, newsletter, product assessment system for customers, bonus point system with product premiums, RSS feed subscriptions“ icon_type=“themify“ icon_color=“#ddff3c“ icon_themify=“ti-user“]
[cm_icon_box title=“Advertising“ text=“Flyers (e.g. direct mail as supplement to shop orders), product catalogs, brochures, mailings, advertising banners, press advertising“ icon_type=“themify“ icon_color=“#ddff3c“ icon_themify=“ti-star“]
[cm_icon_box title=“New online retailing“ text=“Social media updates: integration of campaigns, blogs, image videos etc.“ icon_type=“themify“ icon_color=“#ddff3c“ icon_themify=“ti-mobile“]
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