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Naturally we master all the routine processes of fulfillment, from order receipt to processing, pick & pack and shipping up to Returns management. Also inventory, drop shipping, packaging and campaign dispatch belong to our standard services.

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We dispose and purchase the goods for our customers. On the one hand, you no longer have to worry about the disposition of NOS articles and on the other hand, you do not tie up your capital in the warehouse, which can be decisive especially in growth phases or seasonal peaks. The prerequisite for this is a good profit situation and positive economic information.

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We work on an area of over 8,000 square metres and have another 2,000 square metres of high-bay warehouse with over 5,000 pallet spaces available. Nevertheless, we place conservative value on cleanliness and order in the warehouse. We are also BIO-certified and work according to these guidelines.

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We would like to be at your side from the very beginning when presenting your products. That is why we have acquired the field of product photography by building our own photo studio with a photo box. No matter which products you want to sell, we will take pictures of you from the best side and prepare them for your online shop.

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We customize your products using the latest laser technology. We are convinced that this will enable them to stand out from the competition and their rivals. Our motto „Can’t do it, doesn’t exist!“. If you have an idea, then let’s talk about it. We will always find a solution and together with you make your product unique.

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Thanks to our intelligent IT and software environment, we can meet all conceivable requirements for order processing. Whether BBD or serial number recording, commercial or sales parts lists, delivery notes & invoices. Or even standard or customer-specific packaging concepts, cross-docking, finishing & individualization, B2C & B2B and returns processing. We adapt to your requirements. Packaging and returns stations are monitored by camera for evidence purposes. And yet we are very fast and usually ship the same day, so that in the metropolitan areas of Germany, delivery can be made the very next day!

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When you are planning a new online shop, we are there to help you with all your questions. Be it the choice of shop software, increasing customer interest or the function of the interfaces. Thanks to our many years of experience in the online shop sector, we can help you further. Furthermore, we can recommend the right agency for the implementation of the project. Usually it is our partners who have successfully realized some projects with us. So you know from the outset that the chemistry is right.

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If required, we can also take over the complete process of payment processing for you. In other words, from invoicing to the entire accounts receivable accounting, from dunning to the transfer to the collection department, we master the entire range of the most common payment methods. Of course we can also create credit notes directly.

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If you have any questions about the product or about the shipment, our customer service is available for your customers. Our friendly support team is also available for the B2B area and looks after e.g. the field service.

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