Fulfillment services


Fulfillment services

After the sale is before the sale: especially for online purchases the decisive moment comes when your customer holds the goods in his hands. Only here does the purchase turn into a genuine purchasing experience: How rapidly was it delivered? Was it delivered correctly? How does the product appear in its packaging? The positive response to these questions determines whether a one-time purchaser will become a long-term customer. The magic word is „Fulfillment„.


Use the Fulfillment Services of Erdt Concepts and make online shopping a perfect purchasing experience for your customers! We will gladly coordinate our performance precisely to your requirements. No matter what service you decide to use, you can rely on the many years of logistics experience of the Erdt Group in the order processing sector.


Outsourcing fulfillment services furthermore sets resources free in your company that you need for doing your core business. Erdt Concepts offers tried, proven and established fulfillment solutions for various sectors of your company.

Our services

» Fulfillment for B2B / B2C
» Dropshipping
» Storage
» Goods receipt
» Quality control
» Order processing
» Commissioning
» Packaging
» Picking & packing
» Goods finishing
» Shipping
» Processing returns
» Customer service


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