Order processing


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We adapt our logistics process to each product and meet all requirements.

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Our aim is to tailor our logistics processes to you and not to issue a predefined catalogue that our customers have to fulfil.

After all, fulfilment is different for every online retailer. Different articles, suppliers, names, article numbers, stock types, etc. are part of our daily challenge.

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Here it is important to find the smartest way to get a very good performance and quality in order processing in close coordination with the customer.

We also try to meet the various requirements for picking & packing: Certain articles are packed separately, bundles & sales bills of materials are formed or commercial invoices for customs clearance are attached.

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We will pack your products in envelopes or cartons that we provide you with or we will also use your branded cartons with your logo.

We try to handle the dispatch very quickly after receipt of order. That our delivery performance together with DHL is outstanding can be seen in the Trusted Shop ratings of our reference customers. Every parcel receives an individual tracking number, with which you can see where the parcel is at any time.

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✖ Order data validation based on 23 test criteria

✖ Manual order correction if necessary

✖ Commissioning (picking & packing)

✖ Customer-specific cardboard packing & packaging concepts

✖ Transport organization (national and international)

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✖ Next-day delivery in urban regions (with DHL)

✖ Reporting (track & trace)

✖ Statistics and reports according to your wishes

✖ Individual customer returns processing

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